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Sunday, May 22, 2011

We like flats

We have to admit it. We are very fond of flats. There are masses of women out there who would disagree with this, but we're especially fond of flats with tea dresses.

Now is the time to don the tea dress, brave the knobbly knees, bare the white legs and saunter into town and cream tea it up, as the weather's been glorious of late.

Ok... we mean rush into town, kids in tow, sunny on one side of the street, wind playing havoc with the knicker peep show and shoving any old thing on your feet before you leave the house. Although when it comes to it, with all the shopping to be done, we'd much rather be racing around, looking pre-tea in our little frocks with flats rather than any type of thing (is that really a shoe?!) on our foot, that can sometimes make us look like a demented chicken.

We're obviously not completely ruling out heels here. There's a time and place to dress up your TD and make the very best of what you've got, but a casual trip out calls for something a bit less... neck breaking.

Regarding the knicker peep show, we are a bit relieved that the inside-out-umbrella look didn't show it's ugly face and that is where the sweet TD saves the day. As time has gone by the trusty TD has appeared to decrease in length and the modern varieties that are around today are a lot less, what would be considered tea dresses.

However, one can still rely on finding a suitable TD for such windy days like these to preserve ones modesty. The length can be just right, to briskly skim past a snippet of upper thigh but hopefully fully avoiding full knicker coverage.

And surely it would be a bit risque for a lady who drinks tea to expose oneself in such ways.

We are not 100% sure about the risk statistics of;

windy day + tea dress (but we're pretty sure it) = pretty low on the knicker front

So a big thumbs up to the TD. (Best also wear some large black briefs and we'll all be happy).

But back to flats...

Whether it be baseball shoes, sandals, espadrilles, pumps... we like the comfort they give our little footsies and the TD can stand proudly showing off how versatile it can be, but we don't want to give too much away as we have the most excellent tea dress guest post with lots of invaluable expertise and information coming up very soon.

We must be doing something right with these flats... thanks Audrey.

Let's face it, a nice creamy chocolate cake does a lot for a lot of people; it does for me. -- Audrey Hepburn

Yes... it does us too...


Sarah Buck said...

i can't tell you how much this made me giggle!

AMINTA said...

Lovely dresss!! ... :D

Im following dear
peace, love & joy...

Eleni said...

Oh, the apple dress from Primani? Mine's green :)

I love that dress from Sabrina! I keep forgetting that I was planning to try and make my own copy, but I never forget that I am incapable of making dresses from scratch, so I suppose it's for the best.

Missy Vintage said...

I love flats too, my legs deffo look better in hells, but I do a lot of walking from A-B and flats are a must! x

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