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Friday, May 13, 2011

Welcome to Isle of Tea

A most gracious of hellos to you all and welcome to Isle of Tea.

We're from over here at Isle of Tea Towers in search of all things Tea.

We still have lots to add and bits to edit, but we could not wait any longer. The suspense was making us a bit jittery and tea spillage had, so thought it was about time to say our hellos.

There's plenty more tea surprises to come on our pages and links, so have a little look around and expect to see lots more tea treats, but no need to worry as...

From http://www.cathtatecards.com
We're very pleased to meet you.


Lisa-Marie said...

EEEEEH, Exciting! Tea ahoy!

mother of purl said...

Almost wetting myself with excitement- what fun! And I am the first follower whoop whoop!!!!xx

Max said...

This is soooooooo pretty!! Congratulations Miss Moopette, I need to do a blog too and you've given me lots of inspiration.

lots of love from all at

Fullerton-MacIntosh & Co

Mrs M said...

It's me again (Max)... you inspired to create my own blog. Would you proof scan it for me please at http://fullerton-macintoshnco.blogspot.com.


the artsthread link isn't live yet. xxxxx

Sarah Buck said...

so exciting!

Isle of Tea said...

Thanks ladies!

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