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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Our new T.ART

We've had a little idea brewing up our sleeves for some time... conveniently named *T.ART*.

The idea is that we're on the look out for art containing something tea related. Whatever kind of art is cool with us. We like art, crafts, making and if it's got something to do with tea it's even better!

So... we were nicely directed towards this not so long ago and decided that it has to be our first T.ART. And what a fun T.ART it is! From twittering tweep @SumiArt.

This brilliant illustration is from over at Sumi Senthi, Illustration & Crafts.

Thanks to Sumi for letting us know about it!

And tomorrow we will be telling you all about our elderflower tea escapades!


Ionwen Charlesworth... said...

OoOooooo I shall have to send you a piccy of my "Brew Time" cushion that I've made. Just making another up as we speak! MmmmmmmmMmm elderflower is my fave, i'm happily enjoying my homemade elderflower jelly jam on warm toast! Speak soon twinkle, Loves Ionwen X

Isle of Tea said...

Oooo please do! The address to send to is on our contact page. Would love to see it.

We had elderflower and strawberry jam on a cream tea the other day and nearly fell over with excitement over how delish it was!!

Many thanks for your comment. :~}

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