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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Vintage markets & Our fave dress of the week...

Ace French Sugar tins!

We went to a Vintage market in a brilliant little seaside town (Bridport, Dorset) recently and were tempted to buy so many tea goodies! We almost *POPPED* with excitement!

In our favourite colour too!

We love vintage markets, junk and antique shops so much. Sifting through and finding those treasures is a special thing indeed.

Be ours!

Who can resist a table full of retro vintage, colourful, memory laden and interesting clobber?!

Retro green glass tea cups!
We certainly can't!

Our flour would be happy in that!
Sweet strawberries.
Cool colours.
Phewph! We were blown away. There were some pretty nifty and beautiful dresses too which we will capture at the next Vintage market.

It's been long enough so here we have it...

Our favourite dress of the week in our shop has to be...

...this wonderfully stripy tea-style 60s dress. The colours, the collars, the poppers the stripes! Gee-whizz! It's all going on. And pockets too! We love dresses with pockets. Makes life a whole lot easier when there's handy pockets to put all your bits and bobs in.

Well, we're off to go and pick some elderflower to dry out to make tea!

Hope you're all having a marvellous day...

Chin chin...


Lisa-Marie said...

Those glass tea cups and that strawberry tea cosy need to come home to me! Love!

P.s. I seem to be allowed to follow and comment now, hurrah!

p.p.s the WV for this comment is 'imerses'. Appropriate for a tea blog!

Eleni said...

But where was this market? Enquiring minds want to know!

Isle of Tea said...

@Lisa It's great to have you back! :~} We didn't take enough squids with us to get all the beautiful things this time around.

@Eleni Just for you we have added where the market is, into the post.

Thanks for your comments! :~}

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