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Monday, July 4, 2011

Guest Post * The Tea Club

A lovely cup of tea always seems to be the cure to everything here in the UK and back in my home land of Ireland too. Have you recently been mowed down by an industrial lawn mower, decapitated by a low flying jumbo jet or just broken a finger nail? Grab a bag, pour hot water over it and all will be right with the world. Why they don't employ this wonder cure on the NHS and save themselves a small fortune is beyond me.

Until recently, however, I'd missed the fuss. I wasn't part of The Tea Club. As a child I'd had my tonsils out and gone against the advice of the surgeon and supped on a hot drink before the two weeks were up. The pain, the pain, I can not tell you how painful that was and, frankly, I don't suggest you try it anytime soon. So I was off hot drinks, I avoided them at all costs for about twenty years until my doctor recently suggested green tea to help with medication related dehydration. And I liked it. I was hydrating myself and enjoying a hot drink, bizarre. I kept on with the green tea until whilst at a friend's house for lunch I progressed to Earl Grey and the next time onto Lady Grey. I was enjoying it and suddenly I had admittance to the club. The Tea Club. I was no longer looked at like I had not two but seventeen heads when I politely declined a cup of tea in favour of a cold drink. I now knew and understood how to make a cup of tea that someone would truly appreciate. And I had come to find that nothing in the world goes quite as well with a scone as a cup of Rosie Lee.

Membership to The Tea Club is open and free and I regret not becoming a member a great many years ago. Sure, I enjoyed my lemonade or orange juice whilst out to tea or round at a friend's house but now I've found, at the midway point of a china cup of tea, that 'aah that's the spot' feeling that I'd never quite found until I'd become a member of The Tea Club and I'm not letting go.

All I have to do to renew my membership to my club is keep my cupboards filled with a plentiful supply of tea leaves which is something I'm going to make sure I always do because despite not having a badge to pin to my lapel The Tea Club is the best club I belong to.

I'm Thrifty, a full time journalist, life long second hand addict and a new member of The Tea Club. You can find me blogging at athriftymrs.com

Thanks Thrifty!! Welcome to the club.

P.S. You tea lovers must take a look over at Thrifty's Apple and Raspberry Heaven Cake.
Oh my! You must!


Polka Dot Rabbit said...

ooh I do love tea! Just had a lovely cup of earl grey :)

Luna said...

I have to say, I'm not a member of the tea club I'm afraid! I have never, ever liked tea or coffee (I do like hot chocolate however, so its not the temperature thats the problem), I just do not like the taste. Coffee is just nasty, and I find tea just rather bland. And I cant stand the fruit tea flavours either.

My Dad bet me £100 before I went to uni that by the end of my first year I would be drinking tea. Yeah, he lost that bet.

Bitsy Beans said...

The only thing I've found with cups of tea is the second cup is never as good as the first ;)

Sandra said...

i am so happy to have discovered your blog! it's great! tea is my mainstay. without it i am unable to function to say the least. and that cake of mrs thrifty's does go down a treat with a cup of yorkshire gold (my favourite general purpose tea). x

Emily said...

Still not sure about "proper" tea as such. I drink Green Tea and Peppermint tea and Chai tea but that is as far as my tea drinking goes! Love your post - witty and cleverly written :)

KatGotTheCream said...

Love tea - was drinking it very milky with sugar out of a teated bottle as a young child (I kid ye not - Yorkshire parents!!!).

Wecome to the club Thrifty!!!

Veggie Mama said...

Tea cures everything here in Australia too!

Julia said...

I do love a cup of tea, especially earl grey which I only have as a treat!
Julia @ Retro Jules

Lisa-Marie said...

I am RATHER fond of tea. It is often joked that my blood must be about 50% tea, considering how much i drink. I have very recently branched out into green tea and found a few I like, but generally I like most black teas with a little milk.

Siobhan said...

I like tea. It's my favourite thing that I am still allowed to consume. It comforts, it soothes and it tastes lovely. I am definitely in the tea club and proud!

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