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Monday, July 18, 2011


Well then! Have you been good little elderflower picking people? You've 'ad long enough!

And as promised... (finally... we know we know!) here is the result of the elderflower picking, resulting in the ever-so-fragrant-and-sweet elderflower tea! (This is our little surprise we've been telling you all about...)

Hope you enjoyed that little video! And hope you had the volume up...

And we've got some exciting news too! Mr IOT is involved in a daddy's allotment... and they were so excited and inspired by Isle of Tea, that they're actually going to make an Isle of Tea!!! We're so excited, we might even burst. So expect to see (at some point!) some pics of the making of the isle. There'll be all sorts of herby plants to pick to make scrumptious fresh teas with water going around the whole isle! Why not make your own Isle of Tea?

The other news is that our shop with vintage tea dresses and other pretty vintage dresses has recently fallen into the hole of no bidders on ebay... so, instead of getting disheartened about it, we've decided that we might just go ahead and fill up our etsy and folksy shops with our vintage stock and see how it goes.

Please support us as much as you can. We do have a load of lovely vintage dresses and we're quite a new little business, so we wouldn't want to vanish away into thin air. Especially as we love bringing you the vintage dresses so much. We just love tea dresses, especially vintage ones and so it is a pleasure to sell them and have them all around our little Isle of Tea tower.

As always, keep those chins up and chin chin to thee all.



Lisa-Marie said...

An actual Isle of Tea, that is wicked cool! I AM EXCITED!

I think I might try to grow some basic tea herbs in our garden.

Louise Jose said...

Found an Elder bush near my friends house...I feel a cuppa coming on :)

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