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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

*Giveaway Result*

So here it is! The result is upon us!

We used the help of a random number generator to select our winner. We sorted through all the entries from you all and put a number next to each one in numeric order.

Then the generator chose the winner at random.

And the winner of the beautiful vintage teacups is Helen Gallery from Raindrops 'n Roses.

Well done Helen!! We will sort out details tomorrow.

Thank you to everyone who took part.

Chin chin...

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Well, we're very excited about this!! Who likes giveaways? WE DO!!

We have been talking fairly frequently about this over on our Facebook and Twitter pages and thought it was about time we had a giveaway.

And we came across these recently and thought we MUST have them...

Click the pics to see them big!

A beautiful retro 1960s/70s 'Amanda' Bone china tea cup and saucer set (of four).

We were so very keen on keeping the set ourselves. We dreamed of sitting on the decking on sunny warm mornings with our morning cuppa and poached eggs. Warming our cockles on freezing cold winter days, with warm spicey tea in these oh-so-pretty little cups, brightening up our day and making winter a little more bearable.

But then, we thought that one of you lucky lot might like them too...

(Do you like our new tea-towels from John Lewis/Waitrose?)

So, hands up who would like to be the new owners of this pretty tea cup and saucer set?

All you have to do is comment below to say you have followed this blog, followed our Twitter page, Facebook page and tweeted regarding the giveaway. Each of the follows and tweets will be an entry, so either mention us in your tweets with @isleoftea or with the hashtag #iotgiveaway.

We will be throwing in a few other tea goodies too for that lucky winner, pulled out of the hat on Tuesday 23rd of August, so you have plenty of time to join in with the giveaway and spread the word.

Good luck fellow tea-loving people.

Chin chin!

P.S. Do have a look over at Beautiful Things By Claire Mackaness who was our yesterday's T.ART and also has the most brilliant post up today about afternoon tea.

P.P.S. And don't you just love love love this post, by Claire, introducing 'Afternoon Tea in a Box' by Linda Edmonds from Cookery Angel.

How marvellous!

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Here's our newest brewest T.ART. This is on the crafty side this time and we very much would like and will be purchasing one of these lovelies.

"Teabag holder for those of you who like to carry your own tea about. Dont lose the bags in your handbag anymore, keep them in this great little case so you never lose them." Click here to see a beautiful gallery.

What a brilliant idea, right?!

These are made by Claire Mackaness who is a very good craft-maker, who uses vintage and vintage inspired fabrics to make a wide range of homemade pretty and sweet makes. This idea has to be one of our favourites of hers.

Check out her folksy shop and blog.

And tomorrow, we have our first *giveaway* and more from Claire. Excited muchly.

Chin chin...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

We think...

... you should join in with this brilliant idea... just here...

An anti-riot idea on facebook which is just pretty tea-rrific, to contribute towards showing that you support anti-rioting.

Will you be posting a photo of yourself drinking tea at 8.30pm this evening to their page and tweeting with the hash-tag #OperationCupOfTea ??

It's just a little something to show your support. We will be.

Chin chin...

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Guest Post * The first bite & the last crumb

Many of my friends have different opinions on what treat is best coupled with that afternoon cup of tea. For some, it will depend on the flavour of the tea (mint always sits well with a piece of dark chocolate) and for others, it can be determined by the reason for meeting – coming together for an Earl Grey after a break up will require the largest slice of chocolate cheesecake you can find, where as a lengthy catch up over several pots of English Breakfast may require a smaller, more delicate Victoria sponge.

The biscuit is a humble, reliable friend (although one can lead to another…) and let us not forget our faithful British tea friends: scones, shortbread and jam tarts. They all serve their purpose in our quest for tasty tea accompanying treats - but somehow, it always comes back to cake.

I first discovered Red Velvet cake whilst at University. Friends of mine from America introduced me to it after we threw a spectacular Southern themed party for my housemate. For my first batch of Red Velvet cupcakes, I used a recipe half memorised by my American friend (who remembered his Grandmother baking it) and half scoured from the Internet.

After converting to the “milk no sugar” clique, I often found myself craving a sweet partner for my tea, and Red Velvet cake with cream cheese frosting became my go-to dessert. Having adapted the recipe over time, I’ve been coerced into making them on more than several occasions. I’ve whipped them up for garden parties, for tea parties - I even constructed a giant cupcake for a charity raffle at work.

You can find a great version of the recipe here (although with any rich cake, you’ll often find you will adapt it to your own tastes). If you live in London and you’re running too late to bake for that rendezvous with your best friend, you can always swing by TheHummingbird Bakery and pick up one of their moist Red Velvets – they were the first bakery in the UK to introduce the American cake.

A splash of milk, no sugar and lots of love,
Amy Elizabeth

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