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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

*Giveaway Result*

So here it is! The result is upon us!

We used the help of a random number generator to select our winner. We sorted through all the entries from you all and put a number next to each one in numeric order.

Then the generator chose the winner at random.

And the winner of the beautiful vintage teacups is Helen Gallery from Raindrops 'n Roses.

Well done Helen!! We will sort out details tomorrow.

Thank you to everyone who took part.

Chin chin...


Tess said...

Congrats Helen! Enjoy the giveaway ! x

Helen said...

Woop thanks a lot:) looking forward to afternoon tea with the girls now :)

Isle of Tea said...

Hi Helen,

Not sure whether you received our messages on FB, but we need your address so we can send you your giveaway gift!

Or you can contact us by emailing isle of tea at gmail dot com


Helen said...

I received this yesterday, including some other goodies, and I am thrilled with it!
I have posted about it on my blog http://rainsdropsnroses.blogspot.com/ !
Thank you so much :)

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