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Saturday, August 13, 2011


Here's our newest brewest T.ART. This is on the crafty side this time and we very much would like and will be purchasing one of these lovelies.

"Teabag holder for those of you who like to carry your own tea about. Dont lose the bags in your handbag anymore, keep them in this great little case so you never lose them." Click here to see a beautiful gallery.

What a brilliant idea, right?!

These are made by Claire Mackaness who is a very good craft-maker, who uses vintage and vintage inspired fabrics to make a wide range of homemade pretty and sweet makes. This idea has to be one of our favourites of hers.

Check out her folksy shop and blog.

And tomorrow, we have our first *giveaway* and more from Claire. Excited muchly.

Chin chin...

1 comment:

nikkijoy said...

These are just too adorable!! Totally love them. Gorgeous fabrics too =) x

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