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Friday, September 9, 2011


Hello you lot. As you may have gathered we've had a little (much needed) break.

We've been very busy and thought we'd collapse in a massive tea dress clad pile, legs in the air and bloomers for all to see, if we didn't gather our senses and drink ourselves into a happy oblivion of tea for a short little while. Although we hadn't quite realised how long that while was, so we're back!

We've recently spotted some very marvellous tea inspired bits that we thought we'd share with you. Also have a little looky at the parcel we sent our giveaway winner, Helen. (Who currently has a lovely little post about National Cupcake Week! More about this soon!)

Wow?! Who'da known?!!

One getting a tad carried away sharpening the cafe's kid's stash of pencils whilst supping teas and milkshakes.

Our friend Zanna's amazing birthday cake she made for her daughter.

And Zanna's brilliant tea mug!

The winner's gifts!

You can see Helen's response to her gift just here. The gift included, the tea cup and saucer set you may have previously set your eyes upon, a couple of samples of yogi choco tea and pukka three mint tea, a tea strainer (to put atop your teacup, fill with tea leaves and pour boiling water directing into your cup then leave to brew!), some wholewheat organic digestive biscuits and a very cute little cup cake box with some beautifully scented rose, bath salts.

So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen.

Lots more very soon, with collaborations and guest posts from the lovely Kathryn Sharman from Kat Got the Cream and Tea for Peace site coming very soon from Yngve Hauge.

P.S. Do have a good look through Kathryn's blog! There's some fantastic tea related posts, including National Wear a Tea Cosy on your Head Day and a Sophia Victoria Joy Giveaway (who we featured in one of our We Love posts back in June!)

Chin chin
for now folks...

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Helen said...

The cake looks delicious :)

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