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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pomegranates, Rose & Roibosch tea.

Today we've sat and pondered about what's up next for Isle of Tea and what the future holds for us. This was (looking back) one of the main reasons why we took a little time away... to ponder.

However, today's turning out to be a good day.

The sun's shining, we found a scrap store with huge amounts of recycling arty goodness and have sat and drank roibosch tea (black), with a bag of Rose tea thrown in the pot for good measure. Which is actually a surprisingly good combination of tea. One to try for the adventurous types out there.

It was made even better when this sweet little pomegranate was brought into the equation. It was a very good combination indeed. No cake in sight! Just sweet little pink jewels to nibble on.

And we've got some very exciting news for you. We have our very first interview over at Running Rabbit Arts and Crafts. Have a little look to find the answers to questions such as;

Who is the Isle of Tea? How did you start selling tea dresses? Do you enjoy blogging?

Talking of sweet treats, we recently found some very delicious tubes of chocolatey wafer goodness, that we just had to share...

We Love...

...these rolled wafers filled with dark chocolate cream. A tad different from the normal dunking digestive, eh? A perfect after dinner treat to have with a cuppa when you're looking for something to hit that sweet-tooth spot. It would most probably be a perfect accompaniment to a good peppermint tea too.

You might have thought that we'd been abroad or found a lovely little shop selling great sweet treats from Greece, with the brand name being Papadopoulos. However, look no further than your own Supermarkets. Thanks Waitrose!

Have a little looky at their site. They come in all different colours and flavours too.

And just look at this fantastic pop-up card we found recently too. This is one to add to our ever growing collection of tea inspired bits.

Don't you just love it when someone out of the blue surprises you with a gift?

Just look at this marvellous vintage inspired Make Do And Mend mug...

We think we're going to have our dresses in an antique/vintage fair within the coming weeks. They are currently in our Etsy shop, so grab them while you can, otherwise they might all be gone!

Hope you're all enjoying the beginning of Autumn...

Chin chin...

1 comment:

Faith Hope Cherrytea said...

oooo nothing like dark chocolate filled wafers.... YuM!
{while i munch on pretzels!} i'll have to melt chocolate chips and dip them i see !

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