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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

We Love...

...This brilliant, amazing Etsy shop we've just recently come across, selling some brilliant, amazing, retro-cool tea thangs (ceramics/handmade pottery). (Flora & Purl directed us to this special place a few weeks ago). Thanks muchly!

Go to the shop here! You will not be disappointed.

Just look at these goodies!

Oooo this has just reminded us of Movember... remember remember Movember? Time to get growing those moustaches for charity again ladies and gentlemen.

Our kinda guy. Welcome over any time Mr Tea.

And darlings! Just look at this beauty. Every single time we have seen this recently it makes us all chuckle. This is most definitely our favourite teapot of the month!

And oh what a beautiful sugar bowl this would be in IOT Towers. One is rather willing to put this on the top of this year's Christmas list.

I think we're in love with this shop.

Oh...and we have to show you this too. We do like a beer now and again... (but will not be making an Isle of Beer...ahem...)

Oh what clever witty people! We like you A LOT!

So do go along to their site. They have many more brilliant pieces for such tea loving people. Oh and you must follow their blog for some good ol' belly laughs, (that will well and truly make your mouthful of tea dribble out through your grinning cake hole). And you tweeting twitter tweeters may like to follow their "new listings, words of wisdom or drunken ramblings" here .

Lenny Mud
own all the above photographs of ceramics.

If you haven't had a look yet, do take a little looky at our Etsy shop. There's a handful of dresses left that we'd love to go to new homes. As soon as this lot have gone off the shelves, we'll be getting a whole new bundle of vintage tea dresses back in.

Also, time is running out to catch them online as from the end of next week we'll be taking them to a vintage/antique fair in London! And then after that we may be taking them down to Bridport's amazing Vintage Market.

To find out more about our background and why we love Vintage Tea Dresses so much, get your tea-loving selves over to Running Rabbit Arts and Crafts to see our interview.

And don't forget, our What Do You Wear will be coming up very shortly. Don't lose your chance to get involved!

Chin chin...

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Guest Post by Betty Bee

As this blog is called The Isle Of Tea I thought I would share with you my love of throwing tea parties. Most women (and maybe a few men) will remember throwing doll's tea parties as children. Lining up teddy and tiny tears and pouring orange squash into plastic beakers. I don't think I ever really grew out of this phase and as Ive grown older my love of a good tea party has only increased.

To my mind there are a few simple rules to the perfect tea party. These are my rules obviously so feel free to ignore them but to raise your daily cuppa up from the routine to the regal it s worth the extra effort.

Rule #1-Make A Proper Space
Whether it's at the kitchen table, on the garden patio or even on a rug in your living room, clear all clutter away and create a beautiful clean space.

Time for Tea

Rule#2-Use A Table Cloth
Using a tablecloth helps lift this from the normal mug of tea and digestive experience to something with a little more cache. I really love old linen tablecloths and these are always for sale at car boot fairs and jumble sales. If you are really lucky you might find one which is hand embroidered. A great tip if you find a table cloth which is made of beautiful thick linen but is no longer a crisp white is to dye it a bright colour. I changed a chewing gum grey table cloth into petal pink in the time it took to put a wash on using a machine dye from Dylon

Tablecloths add a little extra

Rule#3-The Tea Must Be Made From Tea leaves And Made In A Pot
George Orwell famously said "There are 11 rules for perfect tea making, rules from which nobody should dare depart" Whilst I don't think I have 11 here are Betty Bee's rules for a perfect cuppa.

Perfect tea in my spotty Teapot

*Warm your teapot. Pour boiling water into your teapot and allow the pot to be warmed through. Then empty the pot. This means you wont be preparing tea in a cold pot which could lower the temperature of your tea while it brews.

*Use one heaped teaspoon of good quality tea leaves for up to four people. Tea leaves offer a more intense flavour than teabags and seem to have a stronger smell as well. Use boiling water and allow to stand for a few minutes before stirring. Keep pot warm with a tea cosy.

*Pour your milk into your teacup before you pour your tea, never after. There are various theories as to why this is best practice, some say its a throw back to the class system when putting milk in after pouring tea was considered a sign of being working class whilst other argue there is a scientific bias as in high temperatures, milk proteins begin to unfold and link together in clumps. All I know is that it tastes better when done this way around.

*Serve in china cups. Thin china seems to offer the best drinking experience whether its because the rims are more delicate so the sipping more enjoyable or just that it looks so pretty drinking out of china it really seems to add to the flavour.

Rule#4-Serve cake or baked goods
Whether its just a packet of jaffa cakes or a lovely home made confection nothing goes better with a cup of tea than a slice of cake. If you have a cake stand that's even better. You can follow my easy guide showing you how to make one for only a few pounds on my blog, Tales from Betty Bee Towers

Fairy Cakes compliment Tea perfectly

Fill a jug with some flowers out of the garden, invite your favourite people over and put the world to rights.

Two for tea

That's my idea of a perfect tea party. What's yours?

All content (text, photos and other) are the property of Betty Bee unless otherwise stated. Please refrain from copying any material without recognition of the author and a link to the source on this blog.

P.S. Excuse some of the alignment of the photo captions... blogger was not being our friend this evening!

Chin chin...
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