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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

We Love...

...This brilliant, amazing Etsy shop we've just recently come across, selling some brilliant, amazing, retro-cool tea thangs (ceramics/handmade pottery). (Flora & Purl directed us to this special place a few weeks ago). Thanks muchly!

Go to the shop here! You will not be disappointed.

Just look at these goodies!

Oooo this has just reminded us of Movember... remember remember Movember? Time to get growing those moustaches for charity again ladies and gentlemen.

Our kinda guy. Welcome over any time Mr Tea.

And darlings! Just look at this beauty. Every single time we have seen this recently it makes us all chuckle. This is most definitely our favourite teapot of the month!

And oh what a beautiful sugar bowl this would be in IOT Towers. One is rather willing to put this on the top of this year's Christmas list.

I think we're in love with this shop.

Oh...and we have to show you this too. We do like a beer now and again... (but will not be making an Isle of Beer...ahem...)

Oh what clever witty people! We like you A LOT!

So do go along to their site. They have many more brilliant pieces for such tea loving people. Oh and you must follow their blog for some good ol' belly laughs, (that will well and truly make your mouthful of tea dribble out through your grinning cake hole). And you tweeting twitter tweeters may like to follow their "new listings, words of wisdom or drunken ramblings" here .

Lenny Mud
own all the above photographs of ceramics.

If you haven't had a look yet, do take a little looky at our Etsy shop. There's a handful of dresses left that we'd love to go to new homes. As soon as this lot have gone off the shelves, we'll be getting a whole new bundle of vintage tea dresses back in.

Also, time is running out to catch them online as from the end of next week we'll be taking them to a vintage/antique fair in London! And then after that we may be taking them down to Bridport's amazing Vintage Market.

To find out more about our background and why we love Vintage Tea Dresses so much, get your tea-loving selves over to Running Rabbit Arts and Crafts to see our interview.

And don't forget, our What Do You Wear will be coming up very shortly. Don't lose your chance to get involved!

Chin chin...


Sam said...

Very cute sugar bowl! What a fab blog you have here, am now following!
www.samsnotebook.com xx

Sam said...

I gave you a Versatile Award! xx

Eleni said...

Oh, that Lionel Ritchie teapot is just a dream come true!

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