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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Turkish Sweet Tea

Good evening you lot.

Today we went for a little saunter into town and came back with a box of Turkish Tea. It was quite surprising as we would never have dreamt of the health food shop stocking it before in a little British seaside town.

We've previously had a little taste of Turkish Tea at a friends house a while ago, who had been on a trip and brought some back. We were quite surprised at how incredibly sweet it is and a little relieved that the custom is to drink it in small quantities!

We were quite excited to open the pack tonight as we couldn't quite remember what exactly it looked or properly tasted like. Again to our surprise it looks exactly like sugar.

The box suggests you put two teaspoons of the apple tea mixture into a suitable cup. We've heard that you're supposed to have Turkish Tea in tiny glasses. So we got out one of our little cups we found on the market, labelled with HMS INDIA on the bottom.

One little problem though... it leaked...all over the place. Harrumph. Hmmmm and so we looked around for the other little drinky cups and they were nowhere to be seen. Double harrumph.

So we gave up and poured the tiny little amount into our Make Do & Mend teacup.

Oooooo what a substantial amount of tea, we hear you say. Darn that leaky cup.

Well, we think we should show you the proper customary way of drinking Turkish Tea.

Image from here.

From a beautiful little glass cup, like this.

Oh wouldn't it be very delightful to own such pretty little tea drinking cups.

And the verdict of the tea...

If you have a sweet tooth, dear ladies and gentlemen, this tea is very much for you. Think, English tea without the milk, without the black tea and go along the lines of flavoured sugar with a little boiling water. It is a fairly decadent as it is literally flavoured sugar. Definitely one to give you a good kick during your mid-afternoony slump or to kids that need sprucing up a bit.

We remembered, (when tasting the tea this time) that the last time we had it, we'd noted how it was not only sweet, but also quite sour as well. It's almost on the brink of that sharp tangy sherbet taste one may remember from their childhoods, so a good little nostalgia tickle.

You can drink it cold too! But not one to dunk your biscuits in little crumpets.

Keep a little eye out for the first What do you wear post...

Chin chin...

1 comment:

Doll Doll Dolly said...

I am so glad you have reviewed this tea! I keep seeing it i my local farm shop, I have always wanted to try it and now I think I will! Luckily I have a sweet tooth and I love having tea black. I will be making a trip to the shop to buy me some yummy tea :-)

Darn I better buy some fancy cups..


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