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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What do you wear... *Guest Post*

Now it's about time we pretty much got this post up as we've been promising to show you how we wear our tea & summer dresses during the Autumn/Winter for a good coupla weeks now.

So here we finally have it... and how better to start our first What do you wear with a guest post from Kathryn Sharman.

How to wear your tea dresses, now that winter’s here!

I hate packing away my summer dresses. Firstly, I’m not really organised enough to have my wardrobe divided into summer and winter. But secondly, what’s the point when the good old British summertime is about as fleeting as a Mayfly?

No, the good thing about having a jumbled wardrobe like mine is that my trusted woollies, long-sleeved tops, thermal vests and tights are always on hand. Similarly, it’s nice to open the wardrobe and still see a rainbow of dresses hanging there to brighten the dullest of winter days.

But what I really like is combining them to give you the best of both worlds, and a warm, pretty range of outfits to boot!

So I’ve started this season, dressing as I mean to go on, still in my floral prints and colourful, pick-me-up clothes, but I'm layering up for warmth. Crucial to this is my secret weapon: the thermal vest.

I own several thermal vests; long-sleeved, short-sleeved and even a strappy one for chilly summer days (I really feel the cold). I've bought them from M&S, Sainsbury's and even off the market. They're not sexy but they can be (vaguely) pretty. The main thing is they're warm. And the great thing is that you can continue wearing your favourite summer dress even when Jack Frost starts nipping!

Here’s how I try to do it:

Great combination of colours.

Ah! Our favourite floral and stripes combo.

Loving the knee-highs Kat!

Sweet ditsy floral & ever so loved stripes again.

Thanks Kathryn! We like your style.

So! How do you wear yours? Cardis? Jumpers? Tights? Shawls? Boots? Send us you pics and a little bit about your style and join in with our What do you wear with your tea & summer dresses throughout Autumn & Winter posts! That was a bit of a tongue twister...

Well folks, we're off to Holland tomorrow. If we get a chance we'll try and sample Holland's tea, between visiting galleries and taking many a picture or two.

Chin chin...


Siobhan said...

I really love the colours in the first picture - lovely and golden!

As well as thermals form M&S and so on Uniqlo heattech tops are amazing for layering and come in plain and stripes. I tend to go for thier scoop necks under my floral dresses as I find that quite flattering.

KatGotTheCream said...

Ha! You can tell i wrote that a few weeks ago (when there was still some vestige of sun left) - don't I sound chipper!?

Thanks for having me at Isle of Tea again, it's always a lovely place to be.

Kathryn x

Isle of Tea said...

You're always welcome chuck! Pop around for tea anytime. x

Jem said...

I'm drinking tea by the gallon at the moment just to stay warm and avoid using the central heating too much - I don't think I've ever tried so many different blends in such a short space of time :-)

Shall be putting some of these tips into practice as I bought a tea dress just as Autumn kicked off and it would be a shame to wait until Spring to wear it. Layering is always the way forward! Though Winter means the mittens, scarves, wristwarmers and snuggly socks can come out at least!

Jem xXx

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