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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Flowering Tea Ball and exciting news!

We received a little gift in the post a couple of weeks ago from Chash, The Fine Tea Company. We were very excited about it and decided that when we could finally get our hands on a glass teapot we would make a video for you all to see.

"For three years Chash has selected the very best full leaf and flowering teas of the World".

Their, "...simple aim is to rediscover and showcase quality tea." And "passionate about putting fine tea into the British tea cup."

This is what the tea ball looked like to begin with...
Photo directly from Chash 

We really had no idea what was about to happen... but here it is!

How very amazing is that?! And hands up who who who wants one...?

We have sped the video up, so you can watch how the tea ball unfolds and flowers. Truly quite beautiful.

It had a very delicate, yet sweet taste that was like a subtle green tea with a hint of sweet lychees, but you'll have to try them out for yourselves. And they are extremely well priced here. They're ever so thrifty and ever so nifty and only £10 for a set of 10.

Pop on over to Chash  to find out all about their Specialist & Rare Teas, a long list of testimonials (including his mum!), hosting a tea party, a wide range of loose leaf teas, Chash tea bags, tea cups and teapots and of course their amazing flowering tea balls.

However, we've got something else up our sleeves as we have teamed up with Chash (whose name"derived from 'chashitsu', Japanese for tea room") and over the coming weeks we're having a Chash tea giveaway right here at Isle of Tea with ten (oh yes!! We did say ten!) lucky winners.

So keep a little eye out and you could be one lucky little tea peep.

Chin chin...
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