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Friday, April 13, 2012

Moving IOT Headquarters


You may have noticed the lack of posts recently, here at Isle of Tea, but alas, we're back! IOT headquarters has moved (down the road) and we're still awaiting to get reconnected to the internet.... tapping fingers... (there's only so much of internet cafes we can take) Harrumph.

And whilst we've been away there have been many changes brewing. Remember we mentioned a ceramic studio we were going to be renting, to enable us to stock our shop with a wider range of new and exciting tea wares? Well... this didn't exactly go to plan. However, there are even bigger and better things on the horizon and the new IOT Towers has the perfect space/studio that backs onto a beautiful large garden with many fruit bushes and a lily pond. Aaaah. Bliss.

In the meantime, we thought we'd do a little catching up and finally show you this tea plate we received as a gift at the end of last year.

It is a commemorative plate from Ringtons which was made in 1994 to celebrate the Rington's tea family, (which is made by Masons) and shows The Story of Tea.

From plucking, transporting, delivering and tasting.

Must dash time's running out and we're parched. Tea time!!

Don't forget we have the Chash Tea Giveaway coming up very soon and some tremendous tea tingling guest posts too.

And new-ish tea drinker A Thrifty Mrs (guest post here) has only gone and come up with an Oat & Green Tea homemade face pack so if you're not such a big fan of drinking green tea, follow the link and stick some on your face for a simply thrifty, refreshing and uplifting treat for your skin.

Chin chin...

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