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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Unlucky Losers Get Lucky...

We received a lovely little message earlier from our friend at Chash Tea (who you must surely be acquainted with now after the big tea giveaway) and we thought it would be mean not to share it...
"As promised, I wanted to show my appreciation to those who entered but didn't win the competition
So... if you want to let your readers know that for all who didn't strike it lucky, if they enter voucher code 'IsleOfTea' in the cart they will get a WHOPPING 20% of their tea order for FREE!!!  
I will keep the offer open until Monday"
Oh what a lucky bunch of tea drinkers you are indeed. And for those of you that may have missed the end of the giveaway, we announced the TEN winners here.

Here's just a taster of the wide range of Tea Pouches, Loose Leaf Teas, Flowering Tea Balls, Rare & Special Teas and more...

Damask Rose Buds

Darjeeling 1st Flush

Heart To Heart Tea Balls

Vanilla Chai
Chocolate Tea

What a marvellous end to a glorious day.

Chin chin...

Gwyneth Depport's Tea experiments * T.ART

Good day to you. We hope you've been having a wonderful week. The sunshine has been delightful!

We haven't had a T.ART for a while, so we thought it was about time and here we have Gwyneth Depport's creative Tea experiments.

Over to Gwyneth...
I like to work with a wide selection of both new and recycled textiles, using stitch, both – hand and machine, also paints, pastels and inks, embellishment, layering, found objects, photos and paper, wire, employing block, screen and digital printing. The outcomes often involve the creation of surface pattern for printed textiles and/or form.

Project: ‘Conversation’
For my final year projects work I amalgamated two main areas of inspiration:


The Blackwork inspiration came from a specific piece of Blackwork from the Victoria and Albert Museum.                  

The V & A’s 16th Century piece was particularly influential because of the combination of words and symbols.             

Due to crown copyright I can't include an image but here is a link to the piece, here.

I also made study visits to Gawthorpe Hall, Padiham, in Lancashire to see and experience Blackwork in Kay Shuttleworth’s Embroidery collection.


My second source area was my personal experience of the well practiced activity of drinking tea the inspiration from both the drinking of tea and the conversation experiences and sometimes the silence, that accompanies it. I also worked on the asscociated parahernalia such as cups, teapots and teabags.
I conducted many experimental trials to take an original idea through to finished pieces and here are just two of them.

 A page from my experimental trials sketchbook

Another page where I was considering a 'teabag gingham', I soaked teabags and then pressed them onto cloth

I picked out the contours of one with the tiniest stitch possibleon

I used Photoshop to manipulate the teabag and had it printed onto silk satin, sorry no photograph, my daughter now has ownership of it!

For another experiment I took teabags and replaced the tea with words clipped out of magazines

 I chose my favourite and again sized it up through photoshop having it digitally printed onto silk satin

I'm currently populating my website and have my own blog Pop over and see me, let me know about your blog too!

Thanks Gwyneth!
Chin chin...

Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy First Birthday Isle of Tea!!

It's our birthday! Our very first. And to celebrate... we completely forgot about it and ate cheese and biscuits in the garden with friends, went to a carboot and visited the seaside and ate icecreams. Yes... our birthday was yesterday and we'd been anticipating our birthday for a while, but had somehow, in the confusion of good weather/bad weather (we must have just been having so much fun this weekend with the surprise sunshine) we shamefully admit that it passed us by.

So today, once we had realised (some people may have noticed our shock and realistion tweets) we decided we'd drink Proseco from wine glasses (teacups!!) and have a little gathering dans la jardin Isle of Tea with something sweet.

It has been a very fun and interesting year and we've met an awful lot of good folk through our Guest Posts, Tea & Bakes Posts and our We Love posts.

Still being a work in progress, we have things to come and things we want to change. You may have noticed that we've been moving things around a little as we're quite overdue a bit of a revamp. We will be adding new things over the next couple of weeks too, so keep a little eye out for a new header that's no longer wonky and a new shop load of tea inspired goods.

As it's our birthday and our spirits are high (and a tad squiffy on proseco) we thought we'd give all of all blog viewers a whopping 20% off everything in our Etsy Shop. Be warned... we know it's not full to the brim of stock at the moment but there is a mighty bargain to be had with the last of our Vintage Tea Dresses and a scattered selection of upcycled crockery. We're hoping to start afresh with our shop, so all the stock must go.

To make use of our 20% off anything in our Etsy shop use the coupon code ILOVETEADRESSES.

And don't forget about the Big Tea Giveaway that ends on Thursday. There's a total of 10 winners, so the chances are high!! (Here's a little clue for the *New Question* on the rafflecopter at the bottom of the giveaway post for another 5+ entries - Notice anything WE may have made!?!).
A little scamp was quick off the mark to nab the top of the cake!
So here's to one whole year to Isle of Tea and we hope there's many more to come...

Chin chin...

Thursday, May 3, 2012

BIG TEA *Giveaway*

Oh how we wish the sun would brighten up the sky, so we could sit on the lawn with tea, cake and cucumber sandwiches...

However, to brighten up another rainy May day, today's the day the teddy bears (you lovely lot) enter the big Chash Tea giveaway (or...you could have an indoor picnic!)

                                                                *Made by us!*

You may remember us mentioning Chash (The Fine Tea Company) a little while ago when we sampled their Flowering Tea Ball and made a video documentation of the Tea Ball opening.

Here's a little reminder...

And so now is your chance to enter our biggest giveaway so far and receive a whole £10 worth of Chash Tea goodies...

What could you win?

If you take a little look around the Chash Tea site you will find an array of exquisite blends of loose leaf teas that all look tantalisingly inviting.

Want to know a little more about Chash Tea?

"For 3 years Chash has selected the very best full leaf and flowering teas of the World. Our simple aim is to rediscover and showcase quality tea. We are passionate about putting fine tea into the British tea cup.Our name is derived from 'chashitsu', Japanese for Tea Room."

Ooooh look at that lovely assortment of teas.

Oh, but there's more! Not only will there be ONE winner, no, no sweet little crumpets...there will be TEN and we will be giving you a whole two weeks to enter.

You could win a selection just like this!

What you need to do, up until 24hrs May 17th:

The winner will be selected at random by the Rafflecopter below, so get thee entering now. You can up your entries by tweeting from the Rafflecopter below for more chances of winning.

Good luck ladies & gents!!

We will be announcing the ten winners on Friday 18th May. Lets get this party started.

Click Read More below!!

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