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Tuesday, July 23, 2013


We're jolly good fans of herbal teas. We like pretty much all of them. Although sometimes, you can still get a little bored and fed up of drinking the same old peppermint, chamomile, rooibosch or berry. Don't get us wrong, we do like these teas and find them very refreshing, but to liven things up now and again we like to mix things up a bit.

Mixed herbal teas are readily available all over the place and we enjoy them very much too but sometimes it is nice to create your own flavours by mixing teas that aren't already mixed and boxed up.

Today we tried Yogi rose tea with a standard redbush/rooibosch. It was very refreshing. Nutty, woody, sweet and rounded with a delicate hint of rose. Very warming as the weather began to shift and the blue skies clouded over. We have used a basic supermarket brand of rooibosch (typically grown in the region of the Western Cape province of South Africa, and renowned for it's high levels of antioxidants, caffeine free and low tannin levels) but it was delicious all the same.

And the rose tea, well this is the best brand of rose tea we have found so far. Some other brands don't have as strong a flavour as this one and the other spices added compliment it immensely. The ingredients of the rose tea are hibiscus, chamomile flowers, elderflower, linden flowers, rose petals, cinnamon, lavender flowers, yarrow, ginger, black pepper, fennel, turmeric root, natural flavour, sunflower petals, alfalfa, buckhorn, cardamom, cloves and dried kombucha drink. So altogether an amazing mix which is incredibly calming and delightful on the palate.

We would normally brew combinations of tea in a teapot, but on this occasion we chose a sturdy floral decorated mug (one of our favourites!)

Do you ever combine different tea bags to make up your own flavours? What do you like best?

Another few you can try are...
  •  Yogi Choco tea with a peppermint tea bag (this is pretty amazing!). Chocolate spiced tea with a hint of mint. Mint chocolate. Mmmmmm.

  • Liquorice and peppermint. This is a fine smooth deal.

  • Clipper Wild berry tea with rose is very soothing and sweet.

  • Chamomile & vanilla with a fruit tea. Warming and rounded.

  • Fennel and spearmint. Calming and zingy and a clarity enhancer indeed.
So there you have a few combinations to have a go at. Do let us know if you manage to come up with any other fantastic combinations.

If you ever want to be more involved with us here, get in touch. You could always write a guest post (any tea or crafty or vintage subject matter) for us, a tea and bakes (sweet treat recipes) post, send us some images for our T.ART (tea inspired art) or if you have any photos of tea accessories to showcase, send them on over and they can be part of our Your cup of tea section.

Well...time for a chamomile & vanilla for us.

Chin chin...


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