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Monday, July 8, 2013

Miffy magic

Some of us went to Rotterdam recently as we were involved with a music festival over there. It was a great time to explore what Holland had to offer in terms of tea. Bringing us a wide selection of herbal teas, always with small pots of honey. We stupidly forgot to take any photos of us dining with our tea, but it may have been because we were also quite inclined to some of the Dutch beer over there.

So as a little momento, as we boarded the ferry, we made it a must to visit the duty free section as we stood and waved as Holland became a tiny dot on the horizon, with tears in our eyes. Sniff sniff. Bye bye tea with individual pots of honey, bye bye beautiful harbours and amazing public art, bye bye beautiful bicycles and the amazing cycle system. We would miss you but we needed something to remind us of our great time over there. And that's when we spotted this sweet little Miffy mug.

We noticed, upon returning to the Isle of Tea Towers that the colours would go very nicely with a teal and tangerine corner, stocked up with books a-plenty. We have recently fallen in love with these colours, mixing blues, browns and gorgeous greens.

And then we realised we have never shown you our lovely set of vintage tin coasters we picked up from a vintage fair we went to a while ago, just for a measly two squid.

Nice huh?!

Ah, be sure to check out the Miffy website. It's rather special and talks to you. Would be good for those little people many of us have hanging around, or those bigger people that have perhaps never properly got big.

Next up... A post all about cupcakes and a giveaway is on the horizon!

Chin chin...


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