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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dorset Tea Tasting & Tea Amnesty

Yesterday we were invited to join the folks at Dorset Tea HQ in Wimborne for a tea tasting session and talk from master blender Ben Hitchcock.

Firstly though, we were invited to have a lovely cup of the good ol' stuff and it was even more of a treat to be drinking tea that was blended and packed right under our noses in that very building (in the wonderful County of Dorset - where we are also based!)

Let the tea tasting commence!

Many leaves from around the world were brewed up for us before our eyes and we each were given a spoon to dip into the various cups. Ben demonstrated that it is very important to slurrrrrp the brew from the spoon and then proceed to all spit it out into a special spitting bucket. Much fun indeed!

We next examined the colours of the teas once milk was added.

And even compared this special brew to some other well known brands!

But there's only one T in Dorset!

It was a very enjoyable and informative visit to Dorset Tea's HQ and they were a very lovely bunch indeed.

And here's where you can get involved!!

So if you live in or around Dorset do pop along to the Tea Amnesty but remember to take along a box of non-Dorset Tea (not completely empty though!) and you will be given a whole new fresh and beautiful box of Dorset Tea to take home with you!! Do follow them on facebook and twitter as they often have goodies up for grabs and fun competitions to enter too and like they say, there's only one T in Dorset!

Chin chin...

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