Exploring, sipping & delighting in all things tea.
Just put the kettle on. One lump or two?

About Isle of Tea

Why tea?
We have always had a thing for tea. In all sorts of colours and flavours. There's something very humbling about the old tea drinking. In times of joy and despair, there's always a good excuse to put the kettle on, to help solve that little problem and bring us back down to earth, enjoy with a large slice of chocolate cake with the ladies & gents or just put your feet up with a cuppa of your choice and daydream the world away.

And what about tea dresses?
We're insanely in love with tea dresses. Their fit, pretty delicate designs and colours. Which of course go hand-in-tea-cupped-hand so very well. They're so easy to wear, flattering to all shapes and sizes and very versatile. And even better, we're very much into the recycling side of things. Yes, vintage tea dresses. There's all the high street versions out there but who can beat a properly made, long lasting, memory clad tea dress? How better to make a style statement with your very own individual vintage tea dress.

Are you just tea crazy?
Most definitely.

Why Isle of Tea?
So, we've been thinking for a long hard while with our dainty tea cups in hand. We do truly love tea, tea dresses, teapots, high tea, tea time, tea cups, tea and cake ... just everything about tea. So we thought, how could we tie all of these things we love so much together? And so the Isle of Tea was born... because, we do, we love tea and all things tea.

 Ceylon the High Teas or Sail on the High Seas?
We're explorers at heart and have decided with our hands on hearts to search and sift the world for all things tea. From little tearooms, to the very best tea accessories, to the most delicate and beautiful of tea dresses. We'll admit, we're not tea connoisseurs (just yet) but we're on a little journey ourselves and we may make little mistakes every once in a while. Who can blame us? We're human.

Can we help?
Why of course! That would be delightful. If you have any tea tips, have visited a splendid tearoom recently and think it deserves a bit of blog love, have a recipe for a perfectly compatible treat to have at teatime (Tea and Bakes) have a rather magnificent tea accessory (Your cup of tea?) to share or just anything tea-rrific contact us. We'd love to hear from you and are always willing to share your page links.

What we're hoping for
We hope to open up the World of all things Tea, bringing you new and exciting news, beautiful individual tea dresses and upcycled tea accessories as well as explore and sift out the very best tea information and finds. We expect to grow and evolve over time and learn more and more about all things tea.

Drop by any time. Kettle's always on...


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